Symmetrics On Demand

Powerful Cloud-Based Business Intelligence for Contact Centers

Maybe your contact center doesn't boast a big IT department and a whole lot of hardware. Or maybe you manage a new, growing contact center that needs better reporting and analysis now, but doesn't have the budget for an on-premise solution. Or maybe all your contact center systems are running in the cloud, and "on-premise" isn't even in your planning vocabulary. If any of that sounds familiar, then Symmetrics On Demand is for you.

Symmetrics On Demand is an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business intelligence solution that helps you quickly merge data from virtually any contact center system, then create meaningful reports and dashboards to share and make better decisions — all without installing a single byte of code.
And Symmetrics On Demand is a native cloud platform, not an on-premise solution that has simply been re-tooled for SaaS. Its extensive and flexible architecture makes it ideal for end users, while allowing partners (ISVs, resellers or outsourcers) to offer, expand and integrate into their own BI applications.

Ask Questions, Get Reports

Instead of forcing you to use difficult report design software or construct complex SQL queries, Symmetrics On Demand lets you build reports by simply asking questions using plain English terms common to your business, such as “agents,” “calls” or “queues." Results are then automatically displayed optionally as a table, chart or graph, and saved as a report or added to a dashboard. 
Step 1 - Ask a question: Choose the data you want by selecting from a list of familiar contact center terms, then sharpen your question by selecting how you want the results organized while filtering out unwanted data. Give your question a name and click “save” — you've created a report!
Step 2 -  Fine-tune your report and start analyzing: With a few clicks you can choose different graph or chart formats, add sub-totals, change the sort-order or add new labels. Now you're ready to explore your data and dive into more illuminating detail. Is you average speed of answer too long? Drill down into even deeper levels of detail (from region to call center site, then to team and agent) until your questions are answered. And Symmetrics On Demand reports are dynamic — when new data is uploaded, your reports are updated automatically too.
Step 3 - Add your report to a dashboard: It usually takes more than one report or chart to manage a call center. With Symmetrics On Demand, you can combine up to four reports or charts into a single, dynamic, always-up-to-date dashboard that gives you all the information you need at a glance. 

Flexible Data Integration & Modeling

Symmetrics On Demand is designed to integrate data from a variety of contact center systems — ACD, IVR, workforce management, CRM, and many others — with speed and simplicity, with options ranging from as-needed manual upload of spreadsheets or comma-delimited files through to hands-free automation via our Symmetrics Data Bridges.
More importantly, Symmetrics On Demand's data modeling wizard helps you organize, consolidate, and enrich raw data for easier, more meaningful analysis through questions and reports. Provide context through labels, add new concepts such as "team," "shift" or "campaign", and define new question terms — all through the data modeling wizard's step-by-step interface.

Extend Your Own Apps

Symmetrics On Demand is more than a powerful stand-alone application. It’s also a full business intelligence platform that provides APIs you can use to embed powerful reporting into your own applications — or extend Symmetrics On Demand’s capabilities to create new data models, reports and dashboards even we haven’t thought of yet!

Eight Reasons to Choose Symmetrics On Demand

  1. No hardware or software required: Because Symmetrics On Demand runs in the cloud, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to begin analyzing your contact center data right now. And software updates are automatic and hassle-free.
  2. nVISION On Demand ArchitectureSecure cloud-based computing: Hosted on the same web-based infrastructure used by such giants as Amazon, IBM, and Oracle, Symmetrics On Demand keeps your contact center data and content safe while giving you trouble-free access to high-performance reporting & analysis software.
  3. Quick data consolidation: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually cutting and pasting data into spreadsheets. Simply upload your data sets into Symmetrics On Demand, and relationships between measures are defined automatically to create a virtual data mart that can be updated as needed.
  4. Ease of use: Symmetrics On Demand is designed for contact center staff of all IT skill levels — from front-line agents to back-office data jockeys — to build and interact with analytical reports and dashboards with a minimum of training.
  5. Ask questions, get answers: Through its unique, plain-language interface, Symmetrics On Demand users can not only create complex queries against data from several systems, but can also choose from a variety of graphical to display results, see trends and anomalies, and drill into the data for deeper detail.
  6. Sharing & collaboration: Worried about willy-nilly e-mailing of sensitive call center data in spreadsheets? With Symmetrics On Demand, users share, collaborate and communicate in a secure environment without ever hitting the “Export to” button.  
  7. Flexible pricing: With Symmetrics On Demand’s subscription-based pricing model, growing contact centers can start small and think big without worrying about up-front hardware and software purchases.
  8. Support: As a Symmetrics solution, Symmetrics On Demand customers benefit from the same array of Symmetrics Services to help get your contact center reporting and analysis project up and running in short order.